Create a bootable USB drive for OSX 10.10 Yosemite

Everytime when Apple releases new software, I can’t help it to format my computer. I just don’t seem to trust an update of a operating system. I like to create a bootable USB drive because it’s blazing fast to install an OS. For Yosemite, it took me +- 15 minutes with a USB3 stick.

Luckily it is fairly easy to create a bootable USB drive for OSX 10.10 Yosemite!

These are the steps you have to take

1. Download Yosemite installer via de AppStore
2. Have a formatted (Mac OS Extended journaled) USB stick ready and name it Untitled
3. Open Terminal Window
4. Execute the following statement

5. Hit enter
6. Fill in your password
7. When it’s ready, just reboot your mac and hold the alt key
8. Select the bootable usb drive from the menu]
9. There is no step 9 :)

Hope this helps you guys out :-)

TNColorScrollViewController – easy scrollview with different color views

For a few iOS projects I needed a scrollview which had different UIViews with different background colors.  Because it came back regularly it became cumbersome to write the whole thing over and over again.  So yesterday I created a view controller which takes away the pain of writing it.

You can find the code on Github with a demo project on how to use it, but the steps are easy.

  1. Create an array with TNColorViewData objects and give it a background color or a reference to a custom UIView class (this class has to subclass TNColorView)
  2. Create a config object in which you add the array and have the possibility to set some extra properties so the view controller knows how to behave
  3. Present the view controller
  4. There is no step 4

If you have any requests, just put them in the comments or add an enhancement in the GitHub issue tracker!

Call methods on Unity3D straight from your Objective-C code

The problem

So you want to trigger functionality in your Unity3D scene straight from your native Objective-C code?  For example you have different scenes, and you want a regular iOS component (e.g. UIButton) to trigger a new scene. It takes some work, but it is doable.


Read it … bitch :)

The solution

Unity exposes a way to call code in your Unity3D project (normally this will be javascript or C#).  There are 3 components you need to get in place.

  1. Have a Unity3D scene
  2. Have a Unity3D script
  3. Have an Objective-C class

The way it works is that you can bridge your code from Objective-C to C# or Javascript in Unity3D with the ‘UnitySendMessage’ method.

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Add Unity3D in a native iOS application

The problem

For a project I need to implement an augmented reality feature inside a native iOS application.  We chose to go with Unity3D and Vuforia to do the augmented reality bit, as it’s free and lots of people are saying it’s the best solution. The only problem when working with Unity3D is that the exported iOS project is not easy to implement in an existing project as we only need Unity3D for 2 views inside a project with some dozen other native UIViews. Continue reading

TNSexyImageUploadProgress – A nice way to visualise an image upload in Objective-C

I’ve just pushed some code to GitHub to easily visualise an image upload in Objective-C.  Hope it could help some of you out and save you some time!  The class can be easily customised via various setters to change the radius, colors, etc.

You can find the code on GitHub. If you have any requests, put them in the issues panel.  I’ve tested as many scenarios as I could, but if you find any bugs, please post them as well!

ps: don’t let the name mislead you, it isn’t really sexy. I just wanted to see the effect on clicks ;-)

TNRadioButtonGroup – Radio buttons for Objective-C

I just pushed some code to GitHub to easily create radio button groups in Objective-C.

I’ve created 3 classes for the most common radio buttons, but it’s really easy to extend the class with your own requirements.  I’ve posted all the details on GitHub.  When you toggle the radio button there is an animation. You can always override the animation method if you would like to do some other animations.

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TNCheckBox – A checkbox class for Objective-C

This class is no longer maintained…please check out TNCheckBoxGroup!

I just pushed some code to GitHub to create customisable checkboxes to use in your IOS projects.

As it happens with designers, you can’t always use the built-in UISwitch class.  So I took the time to create a few classes which are pretty customisable to have checkboxes without all the hassle.

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iCapital 2.0 iPhone app

I’ve just released version 2.0 of the iCapital app, which is completely redesigned for iOS7.

iCapital was my guinea pig project to learn about Objective-C a few years ago, and since then I didn’t have the time to update it for iPhone 4 and 5.

With the arrival of iOS7 I’ve took the time to polish this baby up according to Apple’s new guidelines and look’n’feel! Hope you’ll enjoy learning about the world!

Download it now for only half a glass of beer (0.89 cents) in the App Store and if you have any requests, just post them in the comments!